Burgersdorp History

In the first quarter of the nineteenth century, especially during the years 1820 to 1830, the stock farmers penetrate further and further into the interior, and specifically into the North Eastern Cape Region.  After many of the trekkers had left their farms for pastures new, they settled in the area now known as Burgersdorp, Steynsburg and Aliwal North.  This region still lay beyond the borders of the then Cape Province.

In 1835 Sir Benjamin D’Urban issued a proclamation declaring this region to be known as the Province of Queen Adelaide.  An attempt to keep the farmers within the borders of the Cape Province failed and the proclamation was repealed.  The region was now named the Albert District, by Sir Harry Smith.

On 8 February 1846 the Dutch Reformed Church bought the farm, Klipfontein from Gert Buitendag.  Burgersdorp now became a Church town and it remained like this until 1912 when it was bought by the Municipality.  Burgersdorp celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1996.

In Burgersdorp today, urban and rural development is closely connected in healthy well-balanced inter-action.  The town offers dynamic development as well as excellent opportunities for all.  People are afforded the opportunity of living close to
nature and they can also maintain a healthy style of living against a background of cultural and historic development.

Business undertakings provide all that is necessary for the inhabitants of the town and district and opportunities are also offered for local enterprising entrepreneurs.

There are modern schools and well-equipped hostels and a growing number of pupils from the surrounding smaller towns attend these schools.

A wide variety of houses with designs dating from historic periods to modern times, are available.  Housing costs are reasonable and people living here can enjoy the beautiful gardens that are made possible by a healthy climate.

Road and rail connections from East London to Johannesburg pass through the town and, in addition, there are also rail connections to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

The district is considered to be one of best-mixed stock farming areas in the Karoo-region.

Sporting facilities in Burgersdorp are of a very high standard and many different types of sport are offered.  The annual Partridge shooting as well as the Partridge dog competition are patronised by many tourists as well as other interested parties.

Photos of Burgersdorp - taken 1907.
Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards old jail Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards town