Burger Square - Burgersdorp

This historic square is situated in the centre of the Burgersdorp town and has most of the historic monuments.  These monuments were moved to the square from the Jubilee Park, behind the Dutch Reformed Church, in 1933 and were unveiled on 31 May 1933.  The oak trees found on the southern side of the square were planted in 1938 at the time of the Ox-wagon Trek.

Burgersdorp - town bell The square was originally known as the Market Square where the open-air market sheds as well as the Market bell was to be found. This bell is now housed at the local Museum.

A new library, built along Cape-Dutch architecture, was erected on this site.  The very first public library was opened in 1851.  Originally most of the books were English, but gradually Afrikaans books were introduced and today books in the black languages may also be found.  When the Town Hall was built in 1921, the local library was attached to this building but was moved again when the Town Hall burnt down in 1952.

Photos of Burgersdorp - taken in 1907.
Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards old jail Photo: Burgersdorp 1907 - towards town